Sunday, January 24, 2010

Attention: Netflix subscribers

If you’re a Netflix member, check this out. For a onetime charge as little as $79 you can use the Netflix site to browse and add 17,000+ instant Netflix movies and TV episodes into your Netflix Instant Queue. Use your Roku to browse your Netflix Instant Queue and choose something to watch. Just hook up the Roku to your TV, pick your movie and watch as many movies or TV episodes as you like. They don’t have all the latest movies available but there are many good choices.

The other set top box to look for late this year is the Boxee Box. If you haven’t checked out Boxee, take a look. The Boxee Box lets you watch thousands of popular TV shows and movies for FREE on you TV!

Netflix instant view

Roku Digital Video Player

Boxee Box

This is the future of home TV.

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